Open Data, Leaders & Taylor Swift

At the Africa Technology Business Network meetup in London a couple of weeks ago, I listened to an interesting talk by William Gerry from the Open Data Institute, explaining what the Open Data Leaders Network is hoping to achieve. The video above summarises it - I was extremely glad to note the effort being made to share open data learnings across governments. I've mentioned in another recent post how siloed information can result in so much lost time, if not harm - the potential of what can be achieved if open data is used wisely is so high. 

There were a couple of cohorts who came together for a week each in London in 2015 for the Open Data Leaders Network programme, and it is meant to continue in 2016. 

I also learnt about the Taylor Swift Institute, a global open data meme of sorts. Open data-fying Taylor Swift, so to speak. Obviously there's a Twitter account, but there's even a Chrome extension!

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