UCL's Why We Post Research is an Anthropological Look at Global Social Media Use

University College London released the findings of their 'Why We Post' research project on 29th February. It includes the results of 15 months of fieldwork done in 9 locations around the world, looking at how people use social media. They were in Southern Italy, South India, Northeast Brazil, Southern England, Trinidad, North Chile, Southeast Turkey and one town each in rural and industrial China. They have assembled a range of multimedia content to showcase their discoveries on their online hub, and are running a free five-week FutureLearn course online 'Why We Post: The Anthropology of Social Media' as well. True to the nature of the research, the output is available in multiple languages, including Chinese, Portuguese, Tamil, Hindi, Italian and Turkish. They have made 3 books with some of the results of the research available via open access online, and they've been downloaded 6000 times in the first 2 weeks. The research hub is worth a look. 

UCL - Why We Post: Social Media Through the Eyes of the World

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